Michelle Mc Loughlin

Michelle Mc Loughlin


My name is Michelle Mc Loughlin and I love helping people. I love the buzz that I get from assisting you to move forward in your business.

I got involved in training and business consultancy from meeting other business people at networking events and hearing common issues being raised: Unsure what to do, being too busy to plan for the future and spending all their time firefighting.

This was the spark for setting up Train With Us Limited. 

I decided that I could offer a service dedicated to these business people.  I could provide training relevant to their business. The focus is on prevention rather than firefighting.  As a solicitor businesses were making contact with me when an issue arose and I was limited in what I could do because I was dealing with issues that had already happened.

I knew I could help if businesses contacted me earlier when they had a business problem or a business question before it became “legal”.

I love a challenge and I really enjoy helping you to get a business set up or back on track or going in a new direction.

My Business SOS is for one to one consultancy specific to your business again completely focussed on helping you solve your problems.

For those too busy to attend physical training I recorded short videos, podcasts & documents that you can access at a time that suits you.

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